Best Wedding Slideshow Software

Finding the best wedding slideshow software is very important. Weddings are truly special days and the quality of your slideshow deserves to portray the quality and uniqueness of that moment.

Best Wedding Slideshow Software

Best Wedding Slideshow Software

Whether you decide to make your wedding slideshow yourself or have a professional produce it, you’ll be happy to know that there is a ton of good software available to make your wedding photos and videos into a thing of beauty.

It really isn’t all that difficult to make your own slideshow if you have the best slideshow software. You probably don’t want to consider any of the Free online slideshows for your wedding because you won’t get the degree of control that you need to make your slideshow look professional. Sure the free software is great for whipping up some quick slideshows to complement you main event or even as a teaser clip. But in the end they all have limitations that includes logos and watermarks or only allowing you to create a short slideshow.

The good news is that with only basic computer skills you will be able to produce some amazing wedding slideshows without ever having to pay a professional and you’ll be proud of yourself for doing so.

Don’t worry about cost as slideshow software prices are very reasonable and at the end of the day you’ll have a great piece of software that you can use on other projects. The best software packages all have trial versions so that you can test it first just to ensure that you  are getting exactly what you require.

Making Wedding slideshows is so popular that most professional slideshow software come with specialty wedding themes and style packs that will make your creation more romantic with extra backdrops, transitions and overlays.

It is a good idea to use a program that allows these extra style packs as it means that your program is less likely to become dated as you’ll always be able to expand it with new plug-ins thus making it more versatile. Another reason is because you’ll only end up paying for what you need, so you’ll make a saving.

So what are the basic functions that you’ll need from your wedding slideshow software?


Firstly you’ll need it to have a lot of transition effects, things such as page curl, rotate, flip, fade and overlays, texture blends, scroll, perspective, the best slideshow software will generally have hundreds of these effects included.

Complete control over timing. Don’t worry it’s not as complicated as you think, most of it is just drag and drop but they’ll be times when you want to change how long a picture or video clip is displayed or to match an image to the beat of the soundtrack. All the best slideshow software will have this function.

You’ll be kicking yourself if you don’t make your wedding slideshow in High Definition. Technology is advancing so quickly you never know what the next format will be. Most people have HD televisions and monitors in their home so making your slideshow compatible this technology is a must. Look for the option to output your slideshow to Blu-Ray and DVD. Basically the more options you have for outputting your finished show the better. How about mobile devices such as the iPhone and iPad or YouTube?


More Important Slideshow Features

  • Easy to use Drag-and-Drop interface
  • Be able to create high quality menu’s for DVD’s
  • Ability to add and animate text
  • Advanced Special Effects
  • Ability to Crop imported videos and clips

That covers the basic functions that you’ll want from the best professional slideshow software. The main difference between regular slideshow software and wedding slideshow software is the ability to add extra theme specific styles.

I have spent a lot of time scouring the internet trying to find the best slideshow software that is available. It’s not been easy as there is plenty of software available, both free and paid, but finding the best software that met my needs wasn’t that easy.

Really, I don’t mind paying for software, within reason, but it has to fulfill all of my criteria if I’m going to be laying out my hard earned cash for it.

So stay tuned , read my reviews then make your own decision.